Episode #115 - Mastering Delegation: 7 steps to avoid burnout

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

In this episode the host, Paula Maidens discusses the importance of mastering delegation to overcome the cycle of overwork. 


She shares seven steps to effectively delegate tasks and responsibilities in a business and offers ways that you can delegate effectively, free up their time, reduce stress, and create a business that can thrive beyond their personal involvement.



  • Why mastering delegation is crucial for entrepreneurs to overcome the cycle of overwork and reclaim their time.
  • That the first step to effective delegation starts with YOU 
  • What a team needs to truly step up to hold accountability for their roles
  • What is an accountability system and accountability loop and why they are essential to mastering delegation
  • Why striving for perfection may be sabotaging your team. 
  • Why trust is so hard for many entrepreneurs




00:00 Introduction: The Cycle of Overwork

02:21 Step 1: Identify Your Zone of Genius

04:39 Step 2: Determine Skills and Experience Needed

06:27 Step 3: Set Clear Expectations

07:22 Step 4: Establish an Accountability System

10:36 Step 5: Trust Your Team

12:26 Step 6: Letting Go

14:18 Step 7: Continuous Improvement

16:51 Conclusion: The Importance of Delegation




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