Episode #113- When is it time to FIRE someone?

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

In this episode Paula dives into the common question of “When it is the right time to let someone go” along with all those other common questions about firing including "How much time is reasonable" "How do you know enough is enough" etc etc! 

We dive into the important considerations you need to take into account including the importance of being clear about expectations and responsibilities and giving someone the opportunity to change and improve before making this big decision.


Highlights of this episode:


  • The importance of clarity regardless of whether the person is an employee or subcontractor.
  • Sharing your expectations clearly, even if it seems too detailed. Disappointment often stems from unmet expectations.
  • Why being clear is being fair and allows the team member the change to improve Why addressing performance issues early and NOT panicking is key to successful leadership



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