Episode #100 - The essential elements to a LEAN TEAM. How many can you tick? Part 2

Why You’ve Got To Listen To Today’s Episode:

In today’s episode, I finish off my two-part series on the essential elements of building a lean team in your business. I share the last two critical strategies and elements that you need to have in place; effective time management and prioritisation. 

In the fast-paced world of business, time is a precious resource. It's essential not only for you but also for your team to manage and prioritise their time effectively. I share some examples of areas you can assess to see how effective time management is within your business, as it is a pivotal element in making your team a well-oiled machine.

Empowering your team members to be autonomous, take initiative, and make decisions is essential for a lean and efficient team. I share some questions that you can ask yourself such as “do you trust your team to make decisions independently?” The examples I share will help you assess whether each team member knows their level of authority and where they can exercise their judgment without seeking constant approval, as empowering your team requires trust and clarity.

I hope that as you reflect on the four critical elements I have shared over this two-part series, it encourages you to reflect on these strategies and remember that the ultimate goal of having a lean and effective team is to ensure you align your team's efforts with your vision for your business.


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