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If you're growing a team in-house or online, Paula Maidens can help

Like most people...

I didn’t start out as an ‘entrepreneur’. In fact, a few short years ago (OK… maybe 12+) I was a director at a global recruitment firm in London.

I was managing BIG clients with BIG dollars.

There were complex challenges and difficult transitions, and lots of those difficult conversations that no-one likes to have…

But I realised hiring and team issues were not limited to big business. Because people are people – no matter the size of the workplace.

So I moved back to Australia and became a business owner myself.

I was determined to translate the awesome corporate processes I’d learned into practical, bite-sized versions that work in small growing businesses like yours.

Simple systems can make growing a team much more straightforward


Whether you’re growing a team in-house or online, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by hiring and leading a team.

Things can get messy.

It can get stressful.

You can feel like an imposter or a total bitch. 

It can take a toll on your home life.

You make a wrong hire and have no idea how to move that person out of your business (in fact, maybe they’re still there...?).

You can find yourself facing difficult conversations that you simply don’t want to have, and find yourself bumbling your way through them.

But simple systems, processes and small shifts in the way you communicate, can take all the drama and emotion out of the equation.

That’s where I come in.

I teach you a process that includes what to do and how to do it and what to say.

You get a clear path forward that feels easy and logical.

And because I’ve helped hundreds of clients totally transform their teams and their results, I know it’s totally doable for you too.


"I am feeling excited for the future, less overwhelmed and more structured in my business management and leadership approach.

I feel better equipped with the right language and the approach to use when facing difficulties with my remote team.

By working together I have been able to cement or clarify my direction for my business which is flowing into a clearer understanding of my expectations for my staff..”

Sarah Parkinson,
Managing Director, Diverse Bookkeeping

Want to feel excited about your business again?

Over the years

I’ve developed a reputation for saying what needs to be said in a way that feels safe

Paula will grow your team and get great results, with zero B.S.

I’ve seen it all before and I know how hard it can feel and how tricky it can get.

There’ll be zero B.S. when you work with me.

I’ll tell you what you need to hear and teach you what you need to know, because I’m here to get you results.

I’ll support you to get the clarity you need to build the confidence you deserve.

I’ll give you steps, checklists, exact how-tos (and how-NOT-tos), including what to say and what not to say.

Together we’ll dive into the nitty-gritty details and you’ll learn my signature process.

You’ll learn how to tailor it to your unique style so you can build amazingly effective and profitable teams that feel great for you, without the drama or overwhelm.

I’ve taught hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs how to successfully hire and lead in a way that feels powerful and graceful…

I’m able to do this because I teach what I know. 

It’s what has worked for me in my 3 businesses I’ve started and what works for the hundreds of clients I’ve worked with over the past 12+ years.


“I have worked with Paula twice now. I signed up for an initial package and then I signed on again, because the value she provided in my business was just astronomical!”

Jazze Jervis,


what your business would be like if you could...

  • Hire the right people and know you’ve gained more freedom, less stress and more space
  • Set extremely clear expectations with your team to head off those challenging conversations
  • Motivate and align your employees’ goals with your business goals so everyone understands your vision and works in a proactive way
  • Feel a deep sense of trust and confidence that your team can do what you need them to do, without you
  • Get your time and space back so you live a balanced life and avoid burnout

“Paula walked us through the recruitment side of things so brilliantly that I didn’t have to worry, which was great because it’s not my genius zone at all. But more than that, Paula helped me find a recruit who is amazing (I’ve been in business for a long time and I know how rare and special those people are). I’m still working with that wonderful person over 2 ½ years later and couldn’t be happier with how it’s working out.”

Julie Ann Cairns,

Things you might not expect...

  • I’m a Qualified Accountant obsessed with business profitability and return on investment. This is why I’m so interested in the productivity of your team and how much they’re adding to your bottom line.
  • I’ve owned multiple businesses and I’ve built my own teams from the ground up many times. Up until recently, I owned a yoga studio with a team of 14 amazing instructors, a manager and two offshore virtual assistants. I successfully sold this business and proudly handed over this team in June 2020.
  • I’ve been practising yoga for almost 20 years, and I taught for five. I wholeheartedly believe that mindfulness and authenticity is key to great leadership.
  • I’ve worked with a range of industries and environments, from warehousing to office environments, right through to online or remote teams. Everyone goes through the same challenges but there are many different ways to manage staff. I’ve got the full toolkit of templates and tricks. I’m here to guide you through implementing them in your business in your own unique way.

Want to feel excited about your business again?