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November 27, 2020



I am looking for a tech savvy, proactive Virtual Assistant who is experienced with Online Business to join my team, because we are growing, have BIG plans and need another go-getter to help us do great things!

About my business

I am a Team Building Coach who changes entrepreneurs lives through teaching them how to build awesome teams so that they can scale, get their freedom back and make more money.  I am so passionate about the power that comes with the transfer of knowledge and the internal business assets that my clients have as a result of learning from me.  

I’m a serial entrepreneur and have started 3 businesses. I’ve been consulting in the Recruitment and HR space for 10 years and transitioned to an online mode of delivery 5 years ago but it’s really only in the last 2 years that I’ve honed in on exactly who I want to serve and how. 

About this exciting role

In this role you will be working as a subcontractor as my right hand lady or man. 

I’m looking for someone I can bounce ideas off, agree together the way forward and then essentially leave you to implement and sort out all the details.  

My goal by bringing you onto the team is to free up my time so I’m spending >80% of my time on front facing work such as client delivery, training programs and lead generation.

Your role will be broad and it will evolve. 

As a starting point you’ll be involved in the client onboarding process, supporting me to approach businesses for collaboration opportunities, managing my affiliates, creating and posting social media content (including scheduling it to the right spots on the right days), working within my membership portal (Kajabi) to set up programs and support students, updating my wordpress website, creating emails, email  funnels, managing the email database (Active Campaign), supporting my growth and lots lots more.

You’ll also take off my hands all the basic admin tasks that come my way such as email correspondence, formatting documents and templates (docs and presentations), data entry into xero and lots of bits and ad-hoc bits and pieces that will come up from time to time. 

Please note that existing experience as a virtual assistant in an online service based business is essential. Unfortunately this role does not suit someone who is starting out from scratch, as you need a good amount of systems and tech knowledge as you’ll be taking the reigns in this regard.

More about YOU

To give you a bit more detail, I’m looking for someone who can….

  • Create simple designs in Canva using my existing branding and templates. You’ll have a good framework to work within but you’ll need to like tinkering around from a design perspective
  • Write – you’ll need to be interested in writing as I’ll be looking for you to contribute to content such as social media posts, email funnels and general correspondence with my clients and community
  • Hone in on all the little details. You’ll need to be catching my spelling, grammar and other mistakes rather than relying on me to catch yours. You need to be proudly pedantic, work fast and I’ll need you to take the time to catch the detail while you are implementing and testing. 
  • Think ahead and be proactive. For example I’ll expect you to be thinking of all the things we need to update when we are running a promotion and then remove when it ends (such as a Facebook Banner, Linktree links, etcetc) without me having to prompt you
  • Love to work things out for yourself. The programs we use are WordPress, Active Campaign, Kajabi, Canva, Dubsado, Microsoft Suite (word, excel, powerpoint) & Apple Suite (google docs, sheets, keynote). If you have experience using these that’s perfect or if you are keen to learn them and take responsibility for getting yourself up to speed (on your own time) that’s fine too. But you’ll need to convince me you are a quick learner.
  • Work in an ‘always improving’ vibe. I’m one of those people who is a life-long learner and that means that I am always looking to improve myself and my business. You’ll need to be this way too, as we’ll always be looking for better ways to do things (efficiency and automation is gold!) and I’ll be giving you lots of feedback about how we are working together so we can have the most awesome working relationship possible

In exchange for your awesomeness, I’ll quickly become your favourite client by sharing my business journey with you, paying your bills on time and offering you much scope and support  to learn and develop yourself in a way that matches your growth goals.

Next Steps

So, if you’ve read to this point and you feel excited…. YIPPEE! Keep reading and please follow these specific instructions to apply for this job.

  1. Go check out my instagram @paulamaidensconsulting and website and get a feel for my personality and my business offering.
  2. Apply by sending an email to with “Applying to be your VA” in the subject heading and include your answers to these following questions in the body of the email with your CV attached.
    1. Briefly tell me about your online business experience. How long have you been an VA, and what sort of businesses have you worked with
    2. Please list for me the systems you’ve had experience with before (in particular referencing the ones I’ve listed above)
    3. Tell me what parts of your previous online business VA roles you’ve loved the most 
    4. Tell me what part of my services stood out to you?
    5. Why do you think you are the right fit to be my right hand lady/man?
    6. What do you currently charge for your services and how do you structure your packages?
    7. What’s your availability (days/hours). Please note that I need someone who can work at least 5 hours per week for me across multiple days, during my working hours (which is AEST Australian Eastern Standard Time).

Thank you so much for your interest!! I’m delighted you’ve read this far!

Please be assured that every application will be acknowledged and answered. Interviews will start as soon applications start to come in, so if you are interested please apply ASAP.

I can’t wait to hear from you.   

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