Walk away with a powerful recruitment strategy and all the tools you need to confidently attract and hire your next rockstar team member

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Hiring Accelerator


Right now you feel like you don't have enough time to breathe let alone lift your head up for long enough to work out how to 'properly' hire an amazing person to join your team.

You need something to change fast.

You have too much to do and so much more you want to do because you are oh-so-ready to get going on new programs, new products and big things!

The FOMO from looking around is seriously kicking in, but the risk of getting it wrong (again?) feels massive.

And the reality of continuing like this and not getting the help you so desperately need (and deserve) isn't an option either.

Is this how you feel?

Are you tired of the heavy lifting and exhausted all the time?


Imagine if all that doubt just went away. You could relax in the confidence of a framework that gave you the specific steps to support you to make the right hiring decision and keep you safe from mistakes.

Imagine if you were so sure of your hiring choice that you couldn't wait to pay them because you knew their value was 10x the cost.

Finally you'd feel proud knowing your business was making tangible leaps towards your big goals and finally make your dreams possible.

This is 100% possible for you.

THIS is how it feels when you hire team members with confidence from a place of absolute clarity and with a clear strategy to get the results you set out for.

You can learn how to be a powerful CEO who makes epic hiring decisions time and time again resulting in a team she is unbelievably proud of.

You just haven't learnt this skill yet, which is a critical element to your business growth.


And I'm here to teach it to you.

In our Hiring Accelerator VIP Day we will:

  • Spend a full day together (or 2 half days) to set the strategy and create your hiring tools to hire your next rockstar hire
  • We'll DEFINE your Team Strategy
  • We'll CLARIFY your Hiring Criteria
  • We'll CREATE your Hiring Tools (which are your Job Advertisement & Application Questions, Interview Questions and if time permits a Job Description & KPIs for this role
  • You'll walk away having learnt the Powerful Hiring process armed with al the tools you need to successfully execute this critical stage in your business expansion.



1 Day or 2 half days

We'll work together from 9-3pm or 2 x 1/2 day intensives

The first element of our time together is focusing on Strategy & Clarity

We then shift to done-together mode and we Create your Hiring Tools so you can confidently execute your hiring process after our time together.

Hosted on Zoom – recorded and sent to you


Support tools & templates

You'll complete a powerful questionnaire to shift your brain into your team strategy.

You'll watch an exclusive training for my signature Powerful Hiring process (available only to my VIP & Private clients).

And of course, you'll get my hiring templates to use not just for this hire, but for every hire you make in the future.


2 Weeks Ongoing Support

I'm here as you digest and execute for two weeks after our time together.

You can access me via private Voxer or email for 2 weeks for ongoing questions as you implement.


“I signed up for Paula's VIP Day to focus on how to best hire new staff , work with existing staff and resolve the issue of me being the bottleneck in the process.

The quality of advice given by Paula and the streamlined action plan we created, provided me with greater clarity on what to train staff on and how. I would highly recommend the VIP Day.”

Richard Jefferies,
Director, Newbridge Financial

This VIP day right for you if:

  • You are ready to learn how to hire right and your mind is open and willing to the real possibility that your rockstar team member is out there waiting for you.
  • You are ready to learn, want your hand held and are ready to feel powerful and confident to execute your next hire on your own, supported by a proven hiring system that works.

This VIP day is not right for you if:

  • You aren't an action taker
  • You want to outsource the decision making and growth of your business and want someone to 'just find the person for you'
  • You believe you don’t have the time to dedicate to learning this process, working together and focusing on this critical part of your leadership elevation
  • Your business isn't profitable and you don't have the cash to for a new team member yet.

Apply now

Hiring accelerator VIP day

Limited spots are available each quarter.


  • 1 x Day (6 hr) OR 2 x 1/2 days (2 x 3 hrs) via Zoom
  • Hiring Strategy & Hiring Tools
  • Any additional templates from my library
  • 2 weeks Private Voxer support
  • * plus GST if you are an Australian business