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Podcast Templates - Episode63

I refreshed my earlier 11 lessons episode and am sharing my top 13 lessons on all things hiring, leadership, creating your dream team and general tips for being in business. From creating an ‘always improving’ culture to never underestimating the power of systems, I dive into the big lessons that have really made an impact on my life and business. I talk about using time wisely, the value of a great mentor, why specificity is the secret to success, and loads more.

Podcast Templates - Episode62

Today’s episode  is a recast of my super popular chat with the fabulous Melissa Froehlich. We discuss what to do when the operations side of your business feels heavy after the initial buzz of growing fades and overwhelm creeps in, as you're "too busy" juggling all the balls. It's the perfect time of year to revisit this important conversation so you checkin and reset to avoid the heaviness in 2023.

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Leading a team well, innovating in business and getting the growth profit you desire, doesn’t come without the ability to look in the mirror and challenge yourself to be the best leader you can be - powerful and graceful as you lead your business and team. So in today’s episode I share the common challenges my clients experienced last year and the lesson in each of them.

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